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How Do I Become a Host Family?

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Contact Us

Complete our host family interest form to receive more information, connect with a local ISE representative, and meet exchange students who are awaiting a host family in your area.

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Complete Your Host Family Application

Fill out our host family application so that we can get to know a little bit more about you, your family, and your lifestyle. The more detail you provide, the easier it is to match you with your perfect student.

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Choose Your Exchange Student

Once your application is accepted, you’ll be able to work with a local representative to select the best exchange student for your family. Your representative will assist you in finding a compatible match based on your lifestyle, family dynamics, hobbies, and interests.

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Host Dad in Texas

“For us, we don’t just treat our students like they are visitors — to us, they are our children”…continue reading

Host Mom in Indiana

“We actually attended our exchange daughter’s prom in Germany after our program ended. We went to celebrate her graduation there with our whole family and hers!”

Host Mom in California

“Sharing our culture, customs, family & home with our student while learning about their way of life is so much fun! It helps our 12-year-old daughter learn as well. Can’t imagine not doing it!”

Host Mom in Maryland

“One month after our exchange student left, our daughter traveled to Spain to visit with her and her family. They missed each other so much! This was 2 years ago and they still talk almost daily. “

Host Mom in Arkansas

“My husband and I are retired and this experience so far has been amazing. We will definitely host next year and our student this year is talking about coming back to visit after she graduates in her country next year. She will always have a home here when she is in America.”

Host Mom in Ohio

“Going into hosting, I did not know what to expect. We did not only get a boy that was coming to America for a great experience but a son, best friend, and all around great kid. He was so much more than we could have hoped for!”

Why Host an Exchange Student?

When you host a foreign exchange student with International Student Exchange, you’re doing more than making dreams come true. As a host family, you also…
  • Enrich your family, local high school, and community with new ideas and perspectives.
  • Increase the mutual understanding between people of different cultures.
  • Encourage peaceful relationships between the United States and other countries around the world.
  • Create meaningful friendships for yourself, your family, and the people in your community.
  • Help educate the leaders of tomorrow so that they may develop into service-minded, well-rounded global citizens.

Our volunteer host families welcome high school exchange students into their homes and treat them as part of the family. These exchange program hosts represent the diversity of American life. Each brings their own unique, valuable perspective to our students. Wondering what it takes to succeed at hosting an exchange student? Here are a few tips to help host families prepare for a successful exchange program.

Read more about preparing for a successful exchange program in our article, Tips for Preparing for Your Exchange Program.


Once matched with an exchange student, don’t delay in getting to know one another! Starting a dialogue before your student’s arrival will set the stage for a smooth, happy adjustment to life in your family. Email, social media, and international messenger apps are great ways to get started!


Our cultural exchange students are not guests; they are family members. Adjusting to life in your family and contributing to the household is a vital part of the exchange program. Students participate in family meals and activities. They obey house rules, help with chores, attend your local high school, and put forth an effort to learn about your way of life while sharing their own.


To ensure our host families have the best hosting experience possible, ISE provides a dedicated local representative who will be there for you every step of the way. ISE also has a 24-hour hotline, online host family community, and full-time program support department.

Host Family Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about hosting an exchange student? Check out some of the most commonly asked questions here.

ES at Hamilton

Host Family Requirements

  • Treat your student like a family member, not a guest. He or she should have the same privileges and obligations as your own children.
  • Exercise supervisory and parental responsibility to ensure the student’s well being.
  • Provide a quiet place in the home where the student can study.
  • Provide a room with an exit window, bed, and storage with no more than one roommate of the same sex.
  • Provide three meals per day. Note: If the student chooses to buy lunch at school rather than bring from home, they are responsible for the cost.
  • Cooperate with ISE by adhering to program regulations, guidelines, and policies (regular progress reports, home visits, etc.)
  • Acknowledge the student’s birthday and other special occasions.
  • Ensure the student knows how to contact family members, friends, and other support networks.
  • Host families are not expected to help students apply to US schools or drive students to college test preparation services or campus visits.

Steps to Host a Foreign Exchange Student:

  1. Contact International Student Exchange and complete our host family interest form
  2. We will then send you more information, as well as our host family application. This will allow you to tell us about your family, household and lifestyle.
  3. Since safety is our priority, all potential host families must pass a background check and home check.
  4. Once accepted, you will be able to work with a local area representativeto select an exchange student.

Are Host Families Paid?

No, all of our host families are volunteers. Families are eligible for a tax deduction for hosting a student.

If you are looking for paid opportunities within the ISE exchange program, consider becoming an Area Representative.

For more information on our J-1 exchange program, visit j1visa.state.gov

Our exchange students are from all over the world.  They are eager to learn all about life in the US and find out what it is like to enjoy the iconic American High School experience.  Whether in a small town or a big city, our students are open to everything the US has to offer.

Be sure to read our full Host Family FAQ to learn more.

Host An Exchange Student in Your State

With over 40 regional offices and host families in all 50 states, International Student Exchange helps bring foreign exchange students to every corner of the U.S.

Meet Our Exchange Students

Our students come from over 90 countries around the world. They are eager to learn about your way of life and share their culture with you. Follow one of our international exchange students and her host family as they give us a glimpse into what our high school exchange program is all about.

Host Family Articles

You can learn more about our exchange programs on our blog. There, you’ll find stories, testimonials, news, and videos from host families and exchange students across the country. Visit the ISE Blog.

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