ISE works with a trusted network of international agencies that connect us with students abroad interested in living and learning in the U.S. Here’s what they have to say about working with us!


I wish to thank everyone at ISE. I understand that this year in particular has been challenging and we are all grateful to have all of our students placed!


An awesome and amazing partnership. We continue to be impressed with the placement quality!


We wanted to take the chance to thank you and everyone in the field dearly for all your great support and wonderful placements that you have made happen and for fighting for that very last student of ours – we know for sure how hard that must have been this year and we really appreciate your work very much!


Thanks to ISE for all the hard and good work you do. We know it is not always an easy task and we are very lucky to have ISE as a partner!


Just a brief note to send my congratulations to the ISE team for the hard work this season. Thank you for always keeping us informed about the status and progress. 


We are very pleased to have all of our students placed with ISE and look forward to many years of continued partnership!