Exchange students that volunteered with Project HELP

Experience a New World


Study Abroad in the USA

The ISE Academic Year Programs (AYP) are designed to provide students with a comprehensive American cultural and academic experience within a family environment.

The US offers a great deal of diversity, providing students an exciting variety of experiences.  Exchange students are placed in all areas of the United States!

Our volunteer host families are selected by our experienced field staff and thoroughly screened.  Exchange students will become part of the “American fabric” by becoming a member of their host family and community.

We feel that our cultural exchange program is an important service to provide.  Together, students and host families will form a bond that will result in greater understanding among people throughout the world.  It is a program that creates lasting ties, promoting peace throughout our global community.

Why Study Abroad?

Johannes' Cultural Exchange Experience

We feel that cultural exchange programs are an important service to provide.  Together, students, their host family, and members of the community will form a bond that will result in greater understanding among people throughout the world.  It is a program that creates lasting ties and promotes peace throughout our global community.


Explore Even More

ISE, along with our partner MPD Tours, offers exchange students the opportunity to experience even more of America through optional excursions and student tours.


Project HELP

Instilling a Dedication to Service

ISE takes great pride in our community service program, Project HELP, which provides students the opportunity to give back to the towns that welcome them during their stay. Students assist their host neighborhoods by volunteering their time and energy to support local causes in:

Health and Wellness



Emergency Relief

Local Causes, Charities, and Fundraisers

Plus Many More!

IFF Oregon

A Unique Exchange Experience

Each year, International Student Exchange places several lucky students from around the world in the residential high schools in Oregon State to participate in a truly unique cultural exchange in towns bordering national forest areas. IFF placements offer a wealth of opportunity for students with a love of nature and the outdoors. IFF students also benefit from exclusive trips organized throughout the year, including camping trips, beach excursions, and more! Some local activities include, but are not limited to:



Mountain Biking


River Rafting




Exchange students hiking along path

IFF Home Structure

Each IFF home is run by dorm parents, who serve as the host mother and/or host father of the exchange students who live there. These dorm parents often have their own children who live in the IFF home as well. The dorms are very much like a large American home and are run as a typical American family, only with an international twist! Although the IFF program may seem like somewhat of a non-traditional experience, all IFF schools are normal American high schools – complete with clubs, sports, and other fun extracurricular activities to choose from.