Project Help: The Importance of Volunteering

Exchange students and host families volunteering

Every year, ISE exchange students participate in community service projects with the purpose of showing appreciation for the communities that open their hearts and homes each year. ISE’s community service program, Project HELP, provides an opportunity for students to get involved in their host communities while providing valuable support for local residents.

In past years, we’ve had students volunteer at community food pantries, animal shelters, community clean-up events, senior homes, and much more. In addition to the satisfaction of giving back to their host community, many students find that these volunteer experiences introduce them to new activities, friendships, and passions.

But why does ISE believe in instilling a dedication to volunteerism and service within our students? Here are 5 reasons…


1. It Opens Students Up to New Experiences and Perspectives

Volunteering allows exchange students to connect more deeply with members of their host communities and learn new skills. Also, they develop technical, social, and academic skills that couldn’t be learned in a classroom environment. As a matter of fact, it also places our exchange students in situations that force cooperation and communication in a friendly, appreciative environment thus allowing them to make new friends that much easier! The benefits of volunteering is endless.

Neven, from Montenegro, is showing his true volunteer spirit by giving back to his community to help with Hurricane Irma relief efforts.


2. It Helps Exchange Students Establish New Connections 

No matter the situation, the ability to build relationships with people is crucial. Volunteer work not only shows who you are as a person, it also reflects the many positive character traits that people will remember you by. In the realm of cultural exchange, this means creating and promoting real, positive relationships with people from all around the United States and the world. In summary, these personal interactions reinforce our mission of bringing the people of the world closer together through!

exchange students volunteering during the holiday season

Jingling for a good cause! ISE students participate in the Jingle Bell Run, which supports the Arthritis Foundation and those living with arthritis in their host community.


3. It Gives Exchange Students the Ability to Support and Help Others 

We believe that volunteers create better environments for their local community. They create healthier communities, promote friendship and cooperation, and brighten lives all through problem solving and physical activity. Our program is made possible due to the volunteer spirit of the families who host an exchange student, so encouraging that same sense of giving in the exchange students we sponsor just makes sense!

exchange students volunteering at food kitchen

ISE exchange students cooking for a cause at Ronald McDonald House in Richmond, Virginia


4. It Provides Exchange Students with a Sense of Accomplishment

Volunteering isn’t always easy or glamorous, but it is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. All things considered, volunteer work makes us feel good, builds self-confidence, and lifts up the spirit! Volunteering is great for our mental and physical health!

Jesus, from Spain, is a volunteer with Maryland’s Civil Air Patrol (CAP.)  CAP is the official auxiliary of the US Air Force and supports America’s communities with emergency/disaster efforts.


5. It Brings About a Sense of Gratitude

Charity work gives exchange students opportunities to thank the communities and the individuals that welcome them. They are given the opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation of the exchange experience in real, tangible ways. This also allows them to reflect on the kindness that has been showed to them and the experience that they’ll never forget. Many studies have proven that the key to happiness isn’t money or material things; it’s gratitude!

exchange student volunteering at food pantry

Myeong, organizing and volunteering at a local food drive!


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