Summer and Short-Term Programs

summer study abroad program

Cultural Family Stay

Our Cultural Family Stay programs give participants the opportunity to experience a new way of life by living with a host family in the country of their choice. The goal of this program is to provide an authentic cultural immersion and sharpen language and communication skills.

Language Camp

Our Language Camp programs give participants a more structured opportunity to experience a new culture and take their communication skills to the next level. Students will participate in scheduled language lessons and activities as well as scheduled cultural excursions.

Summer High School

Our Summer High School program gives students the opportunity to attend high school in one of our southern hemisphere countries. Since the school year is opposite than ours here in the U.S., students will have the ability to study there during their U.S. summer break.

Cultural Family Stay Programs

study abroad high school Brazil
high school study abroad Spain

Language Camps

high school study abroad Japan
high school study abroad Russia
high school study abroad Spain
Advanced language camp in Madrid, Spain

Summer High School Programs

high school study abroad Argentina


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