ISE Student Trips

We have continued our partnership with USA Student Tour to make these trips possible for our students. They are designed to encourage student interaction and to foster a positive learning experience while having fun.

Choose between any of the following destinations!

Los Angeles & San Diego

New York City

San Francisco & California Coast

Washington D.C.

Booking Instructions:

1. Download the Authorization Form

2. Choose the Desired Trip

3. Use Code ‘ISE’ When Booking

4. Complete a Booking Before the Deadline

5. Send the Signed Authorization Form

6. Book Your Flight! Check your trip itinerary before booking your flight.


Get started booking your trip by pressing the button below.

Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 4.12.41 PM

If you or your student have made a reservation, we suggest contacting William Kim: bill@california-tour.com to make individual final payments.

If you’re a group of students interested in multi-occupancy reservations wanting to make individual reservation/payment, please send USA Student Tour roommate request emails. Once they receive roommate request emails, they will send a special reservation code allowing individual quad and triple occupancy reservations/payments. With roommate request emails, they can track roommates.

In regards to flights: If you made your own flight reservations, USA Student Tour would like to collect them. You are required to send your flight information to bill@california-tour.com.

As  you get closer to your trip departure date, USA Student Tour will send out a final itinerary of the trip. This itinerary will list airport meet & greet and airport shuttle schedules.