Host Family Resources

Your Area Representative

Your ISE Representative will contact you and the student monthly.  You may contact your representative if questions or issues arise or request a meeting at anytime in between. Your ISE representative will also contact the school to check the progress of the student. If you or the student do not hear from your area representative, please notify ISE at 800-766-4656.


Rules & Policies

ISE programs operate in accordance with U.S. Department of State rules and policies and have been granted full listing with CSIET (The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel.) Learn more about important program policies, requirements, and restrictions here.


What to Expect

From arrival to departure, a lot goes into a cultural exchange program. Take a closer look at how the exchange process works, and what to expect at each phase as a host family for an ISE exchange student.


Host Family Handbook

Access the PDF version of the ISE Host Family Handbook here. In this handbook, you’ll find rules, timelines, contacts, and other important program information.


Join Our Host Family Community!

Connect with host families across the country by joining our Facebook group!


Student Handbook

Access the ISE Student Handbook here. In this handbook, you’ll find rules, timelines, contacts, and other important program information about studying abroad in the USA.

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Contact Us

Questions? Speak to a local representative to learn more about our cultural exchange program and how you can get involved. Complete our contact form to get in touch.

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D.O.S. Host Family Letter

Download the Department of State Host Family Welcome Letter.

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D.O.S. Program Regulations

Download the Department of State High School Program Regulations.

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D.O.S. School Appreciation Letter

Download the Department of State School Appreciation Letter.


Student Advisory Letter

Download the United States Department of State Student Advisory Letter.

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Student Health Insurance

Learn more about the health insurance provided to each ISE student

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Some countries require a process called Convalidation, which allows exchange students to receive credit in their home countries for the academic courses they take while in the US.e while in the US.


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