Life as an Exchange Student in Norway

Northern lights in Norway

Kennedy is an exchange student from New Hampshire who is spending a year abroad in Norway. She recently spoke about her time in Norway including what its like living with a host family, traveling to Sweden, and so much more! You can watch her full story below, or continue down to read about her experiences.

Kennedy started off by saying, “one of the most important things while on exchange is trying new things.” That is why she joined the Innebandy Club, which is an indoor version of hockey, also known as Floorball. In addition to playing Floorball, she is also a member of the local cross country ski club. Kennedy had been a member of her cross country ski club back home in New Hampshire. She mentions that some of the other exchange students are on the volleyball team or in the choir, and that, “you really need to find something that appeals to you.”

In regards to her host family, “there is no better way to learn the language, cultures and traditions of a place than from someone who has grown up there.” She has learned so much from her host family, especially her host mom, who has taught her how to knit, crochet, and cook traditional Norwegian dishes. They have been very instrumental in helping her read, write and understand Norwegian.

Kennedy finishes her video saying, “Norwegians are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, i rarely hear my friends complain, and they just seem happy”. She also added that “Norway is incredibly beautiful, and is a great place for someone who enjoys being outside and enjoys nature. I really love it here and I wish I had grown up here!”


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