About the Host Family Scholarship Program

Cultural exchange programs are a powerful vehicle for personal development. The high school years are an important period of growth, and the experience of going on an exchange at this time can have a profound positive effect on a student’s life. Our goal is to bring this experience to as many exchange students as possible, however, this goal cannot be accomplished alone. It is made possible with the help of our passionate volunteer host families. Our Host Family Scholarship aims to thank host families for volunteering by providing a substantial discount for them to send their own children on an international exchange program.

A Thank You to Our Host Families

As a host family, you play an integral role in our exchange program. By opening your heart and home, you make high school cultural exchange programs feasible for students around the world. The exchange of ideas and building of relationships that results has lasting, positive effects for both the student and family alike and contributes to more peaceful, cooperative international relations. There are also many benefits to hosting an exchange student. As a host family, you will:

  • Gain a new family member
  • Experience a new culture
  • Create lifelong friendships
  • Make a positive impact