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The 4 Best Perks of Being an ISE Area Representative

Any International Student Exchange area representative will tell you that this job isn’t for everyone. Area representatives are a key part of ISE’s mission to bring cultures and people together through study abroad, which doesn’t come without its challenges. Superb time management, a great work ethic, and a knack for…

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Time-Saving Tips and Tools for Busy Area Representatives

Being an ISE Area Representative might be a part-time job, but it often feels like it requires full-time energy. Juggling the many tasks associated with recruiting new host families, working with students, and managing everyday issues with current hosts can feel overwhelming for new reps. Thankfully, there are plenty of…


The Inside Scoop on Being an ISE Area Representative — According to an Expert

Brenda Hendrickson can hardly remember the day she became an area representative — after all, it was nearly a decade ago. She recalls seeing an advertisement on Craigslist, and can vaguely remember the job description: to help connect foreign exchange students with American host families, and all that entails. Though…

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Tips and Tricks for Cultural Exchange in the Digital Age

Only a decade or two ago, international travel and cultural exchange looked very different than it does today. While handwritten letters and the occasional phone call used to be the preferred method for international communication, nowadays technology like Skype and Facetime allows exchange students to have face-to-face conversations with family…

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Why Does International Education Matter? The ISE Perspective

Only a decade or two ago, the concept that students could interact with their peers from around the world on a regular basis was hardly feasible. But with the rise of social media and communication technologies like Skype and WhatsApp, modern students are more connected to the world around them…

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Should You Host Another Exchange Student? 5 Reasons Families Host Again and Again

Whether you are just wrapping up your latest hosting experience or are getting ready to host your very first, you might already be thinking: “Should I host another exchange student?” Opening your home to a foreign student is a hugely rewarding experience for families and individuals across the United States….

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Can I Get Paid to Host an Exchange Student? — J1 vs F1 Exchange Programs for Host Families

Each year, thousands of international exchange students travel to the US to experience American culture and academics on J1 and F1 visas. J1 and F1 visa exchange programs all serve a similar purpose: to connect people and cultures from around the world. There are plenty of reasons to host an…

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5 Questions Everyone Has About Hosting an Exchange Student

Considering hosting an exchange student? Then it’s probably a safe bet to assume that you have questions about what the experience will be like. From what students are like to how expenses work, it’s important to understand all of what goes into the hosting experience before embarking on the journey…


Bridging the Gap: How Cultural Exchange Continues After Programs End

From excitement to homesickness to the thrill of new experiences, the exchange journey is filled with powerful emotions for both the student and the host family. Of course, nothing epitomizes the emotional impact of hosting an exchange student quite like the bittersweet experience of that student returning home. But in…

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The 6 Most Common Fears for Prospective Host Families — and How to Overcome Them

Welcoming an exchange student into your home can be a nerve-wracking experience for host families. What if they don’t get along with your family? What if they don’t like the food you eat? What if they become so homesick that they’re miserable for their entire stay? It’s completely natural to…