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Rose Hawkins ISE Regional Director

Regional Director Spotlight: Rose Hawkins

Rose Hawkins, Regional Director at International Student Exchange (ISE), has been working in the student exchange industry for over 20 years. In addition to being a Regional Director with ISE, Rose has been a host family for numerous exchange students from around the world over the past 13 years. We…

Exchange Students Find Their Niche in the NEPA Community

“They come from around the world and they all share a common desire: Soak up as much of the American experience as possible. Then, they return home and they become ambassadors of sorts, maintaining lifelong connections to a country that they admire and people that they come to love. In…

International Student Exchange and Habitat for Humanity ISE

Project HELP: ISE Students Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

When it comes to educating the leaders of tomorrow, reinforcing the value of service and volunteerism is incredibly important. For our high school exchange students, volunteering is not simply about checking off a program requirement. It’s about personal development, giving back to the hosting community, and building meaningful and lasting…

The ISE Spirit Award

Since their inception in 1961, J-1 Cultural Exchange Programs have relied on a special breed of passionate individuals who believe that they can make a difference by positively impacting the lives of young people from around the world. As one of the largest and longest-running sponsors of J-1 exchange, International…

Children Incorporated and ISE team up

Full Circle: How ISE Gives Back

If there was just one story that truly encapsulates why ISE believes in giving back, it would be the story of Amanda*. For years, Amanda lived a life typical of other youngsters in her Kentucky town — playing outside, riding bikes in her neighborhood, and meeting new friends at school….


Exploring the Present and Future of ISE, with COO Milos Prokic

Milos Prokic, the Chief Operations Officer at International Student Exchange (ISE), has seen his fair share of the world. He’s worked and studied in Canada, Ukraine, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, France, and the United States, and traveled to plenty of other countries as well. That said, at no other time…

help support an exchange student

Giving Back, at Home and Abroad

As a child, ISE senior program manager Tal Stanecky attended school and summer camp in the Middle East and Europe. That means he’s exceptionally aware of the challenges that potentially await an exchange student in their host countries. “What interested me and brought me to the job was a lot…