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Learn more about becoming a host family for an international exchange student by reading stories about International Student Exchange host families from across the nation.
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How to Host a Foreign Exchange Student

Many individuals and families interested in hosting a foreign exchange student have questions about the host family approval process. This process involves a series of checks that ensure our host family applicants meet not only the requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State but also the additional quality-assurance…

Thanksgiving table with exchange student

A Seat at the Table: 5 Thanksgiving Traditions to Share with Your Student

For many international exchange students, few holidays feel more quintessentially “American” than Thanksgiving. Many Thanksgiving traditions revolve around cultural mainstays like football and comfort food, leading many international students to feel particularly excited about experiencing Thanksgiving with their American host family. What are the types of experiences international students look…

Rollins Host Family

An Open Door: The Story of the Rollins Family

If you didn’t know David and Sherry Rollins personally, you would be forgiven for thinking the couple had one of the largest extended families you’d ever seen. After all, nearly a dozen teenagers have come in and out of the Rollins household over the past decade, each staying in their…