Children Incorporated and ISE team up

Full Circle: How ISE Gives Back

If there was just one story that truly encapsulates why ISE believes in giving back, it would be the story of Amanda*. For years, Amanda lived a life typical of other youngsters in her Kentucky town — playing outside, riding bikes in her neighborhood, and meeting new friends at school….

Foreign exchange students volunteering for highway clean up

HELPing Out on the American River Parkway

Students involved with the International Student Exchange, along with host families and members of Team Giving and the American River Parkway Foundation, spent a recent Saturday cleaning up Mile Zero South of the American River Parkway, in Sacramento, California. The American River Parkway runs 23 miles, covering approximately 5,000 acres…

Exchange students and host families volunteering

Project Help: The Importance of Volunteering

Every year, ISE exchange students participate in community service projects with the purpose of showing appreciation for the communities that open their hearts and homes each year. ISE’s community service program, Project HELP, provides an opportunity for students to get involved in their host communities while providing valuable support for local residents. In…

International exchange student volunteering to clean up park

International Student Exchange Students Completed Over 25,000 Community Service Hours

Hauppauge, NY – May 28th, 2014 – The International Student Exchange (ISE), which places almost 3,000 foreign exchange students a year, completed over an estimated 25,000 community service hours through their program, Project HELP. ISE started a volunteer student program called “Project HELP” back in 2006. The program is designed…

Foreign exchange students ice skating

International Exchange Students Pick up the “Tab” for Charity

  Long Prairie, MN – November 20th, 2013 – Exchange students from International Student Exchange (ISE), collected over two boxes full of soda tabs for the local Ronald McDonald House Chapter. The soda tabs can be resold for funds. ISE, a student exchange organization, runs a community service program called…

Colorado flag

An Exchange Student Volunteers with FEMA to Help During the Colorado Floods

Longmont, CO – November 1st, 2013 – Ana Beatriz Correa, an ISE exchange student, volunteered with FEMA to assist her community after the Colorado floods back in early September. The floods caused damaged to over 20,000 homes while destroying roads, bridges and businesses. Ana, an ISE exchange student, is from…

International Student Exchange (ISE) is Going to Work with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) in Providing Community Service Hours

ISE students next year are going to volunteer at Ronald McDonald Houses throughout the country Hauppauge, NY – August 19th, 2013 – The International Student Exchange (ISE), which places almost 3,000 foreign exchange students a year, is partnering up with RMHC to provide community service hours, through the Charity’s cornerstone…