Statement Regarding New Restrictions on ISE-Sponsored Gatherings

Dear Team Members,

We would like to issue a friendly reminder of our commitment to student safety, particularly as it relates to COVID and social distancing.

We know that our students are eager to participate in any social activity they may be invited to, but we ask that you, as the responsible adults and caregivers, ensure that any event or activity that your student attends is following the state and federal guidelines for social distancing and COVID-19 precautions.  Any activity where students are culminating in large groups, confined spaces, or poor ventilation should be avoided. Unless you can ensure proper social distancing and COVID precautions can be adhered to, it is best to rethink the event or wait for a safer opportunity.

Please stay vigilant with your local news and school announcements.  While our students understand that this would be a unique year for an exchange program, we still place our students’ safety at the forefront of our concerns.  If you hear of any potential exposure to or positive transmission of COVID-19 in your students’ immediate area, check in on them immediately, and contact ISE headquarters.

In addition, please remember that if a program participant is experiencing COVID symptoms, they should self-isolate immediately and contact ISE headquarters at 1-800-766-4656.

ISE will review each situation individually to assess the best way to manage the situation.

Any student experiencing serious health problems such as difficulty breathing should seek medical attention immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact headquarters with any questions, or concerns.  Thank you for continuing to be our students’ advocates and protectors during their time here in the USA.


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