Dutch exchange student experiences America with host family

Cultural Shift: Dutch Exchange Student Excited to Experience U.S. with American Host Family

When 17-year-old exchange student  Marnouk Van der Laan arrived in Indiana last Sunday, she immediately noticed one thing. “I saw a lot of cornfields,” she said. “A lot of cornfields.” But even with all of the agriculture surrounding it, Van der Laan said Seymour is much larger than her hometown…

exchange students in library

Exchange Students, Will You Receive School Credit When You Return to Your Home Country?

Dear Exchange Students, It’s hard to believe your program is coming to an end.  We hope that you have enjoyed your time here and have had many great experiences.  As the end of the the school year approaches, you must start the process to get your grades convalidated. This is…

Exchange students and host families volunteering

Project Help: The Importance of Volunteering

Every year, ISE exchange students participate in community service projects with the purpose of showing appreciation for the communities that open their hearts and homes each year. ISE’s community service program, Project HELP, provides an opportunity for students to get involved in their host communities while providing valuable support for local residents. In…

Benefits of hosting an exchange student

7 Reasons to Host an Exchange Student

Each year, International Student Exchange unites exchange students from all over the world with volunteer host families. While in the U.S., exchange students experience a new culture, enhance their language skills, make lasting relationships, and ultimately return to their home countries with a positive impression of life in the U.S.A….

International exchange student volunteering to clean up park

International Student Exchange Students Completed Over 25,000 Community Service Hours

Hauppauge, NY – May 28th, 2014 – The International Student Exchange (ISE), which places almost 3,000 foreign exchange students a year, completed over an estimated 25,000 community service hours through their program, Project HELP. ISE started a volunteer student program called “Project HELP” back in 2006. The program is designed…