Bridging the Gap: How Cultural Exchange Continues After Programs End

From excitement to homesickness to the thrill of new experiences, the exchange journey is filled with powerful emotions for both the student and the host family. Of course, nothing epitomizes the emotional impact of hosting an exchange student quite like the bittersweet experience of that student returning home. But in…

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The 6 Most Common Fears for Prospective Host Families — and How to Overcome Them

Welcoming an exchange student into your home can be a nerve-wracking experience for host families. What if they don’t get along with your family? What if they don’t like the food you eat? What if they become so homesick that they’re miserable for their entire stay? It’s completely natural to…


4 Reasons Small Towns are Perfect for Hosting Exchange Students

When students and host families think of studying abroad with ISE, thoughts of big cities, notable landmarks, and cultural icons often come to mind. New York City, the Grand Canyon, the “Hollywood” sign— people who live outside America expect to see the things that they have seen time and time…


5 Helpful Tips for Hosting an Exchange Student (From Host Families!)

The decision to become a host family for an international high school exchange student is definitely an exciting one. You’re about to bring in a new member of the family, forge lifelong relationships, and create memories that you’ll cherish forever. It’s a big event — and big events require some…

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Tips for The Host Family – Preparing for Your Exchange Student’s Arrival

  So you’ve decided to become a host family and host an exchange student…congratulations! You are about to embark on an exciting journey that will leave a positive impact in your home, community, and the wider world. While awaiting the moment that your exchange student steps off of their plane…

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Cultural Shift: Dutch Exchange Student Excited to Experience U.S. with American Host Family

When 17-year-old exchange student  Marnouk Van der Laan arrived in Indiana last Sunday, she immediately noticed one thing. “I saw a lot of cornfields,” she said. “A lot of cornfields.” But even with all of the agriculture surrounding it, Van der Laan said Seymour is much larger than her hometown…

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7 Reasons to Host an Exchange Student

Each year, International Student Exchange unites students from all over the world with volunteer host families so that they can experience a new culture, enhance their language skills, make lasting relationships, and ultimately return to their home countries better prepared to become members of a connected and cooperative global community….